1.Cloud technology and its impact on consumer/shopper engagement:

Initially when Cloud technologies first began emerging in the IT world industry leaders and business executives viewed it as a wonderful tool that will enhance efficiency in business. They also saw it as a form of a technology that also helps provide for cost flexibility. However, these days executives have started believing that cloud computing can also be useful in engaging the consumer and also in creating new business models. This is mainly because this technology supports experimentation and innovation by allowing companies to try and immediately implement new solutions, that too without having to face major up-front costs. It also provided for seamless connectivity among business partners and customers. This, in turn, allows companies to collaborate, share ideas, data, and execute the transaction. Additionally, the use of cloud technology also helps reduce complexity in the delivery of advanced analytics and back-office processing capabilities.

2.Cloud Technology, and its potential future impact on business:

Research has revealed that the use of Cloud computing technology certainly has potential as a driver of business value. With the business in the consumer goods business continuing to accelerate due to advancement in technology, the need for the use of cloud is becoming more and more important. Furthermore, the increasing adoption of mobile technology and the use of social media has also ensured that the demand to use cloud computing technology on a large scale also increases.

3.The empowered ‘Consumer’ and their relation with Cloud Technology:

Due to the increasing dependency on digital platforms in human society these days the consumer also has become technology savvy. In other words, they have become more aware and know when, where, and how to shop digitally. They have become the centre of this ever-changing world, due to digital platforms available, and as a result, have more direct access to information about companies and their products. In other words, the development of technology has enabled consumers to have direct interconnection with not only the manufacturers and retailers but with each other as well. More importantly, the digital age consumers are much smarter whose expectations from the suppliers are well defined. As a result of changing dynamics seen in all industries due to the rise of technology cloud computing platforms have become the need of the hour.

4.Cloud Technology the ideal innovative driver of consumer centricity in a highly digitalized world:  

In a highly ‘Digitalized’ world Cloud technology has gradually started to play a dual role with regards to customer-centricity in companies. With consumers increasingly wanting to connect more and more with each other as well as with companies of their choice using cloud technology. This means that the need to use the cloud as the driver of customer centricity has become a reality. These days the use of this wonderful technology is no more restricted to just a single industry or local geography as before and has spread far and wide. So, if manufacturers/retailers do intend to get closer and connect with the consumer on a more intimate level, then they will have to use cloud computing as a tool to drive customer-centricity.

5.The effect of Cloud Technology on consumer engagement:  

The availability of Cloud computing technology means that it provides the manufacturers/retailers with the opportunity to engage with the customer in a variety of context. Furthermore, if a brand is tech-savvy then, they could easily use cloud technology to connect with the consumer using continuous dialogues using context that is very close to their lives. For example, Yoplait to connect with its consumers directly developed an authentic conversational platform called ‘Yoplait Sara’, and to also serve as the face of its brand in social media with, ‘Sara’ being a relatable real-life person who chronicles her daily life on Facebook. Thus by using likes, as well as sharing Sara’s stories Facebook followers of the character have created sufficient positive noise about Yoplait the brand on social media platforms. This has in turn translated into greater consumer engagement for Yoplait which has resulted in big business for them.

6.The effectiveness of Cloud Technology on connecting with the consumer with advanced insights:

The consumers these days have always been using social media to share their opinions on various products. However, what’s new is the expansive reach of the customers, the large scale of data shared via cloud computing, and the abilities of companies to access and analyze them. Doing so allows these manufacturers/retailers to generate valuable consumer insights which they then use to increase their business.

So, with the use of technology in especially the consumer good industry increasing, many business leaders are now looking to usher in a set of digital platforms such as cloud computing technology to make business more collaborative. This includes collaborating directly with

consumers with regards to new as well as existing products/services and improve alignment and execution across internal functions and value chain partners. Moreover, they are also trying to increase the use of the cloud because they understand that using it enables them to discover new sources value among customers, suppliers, and third parties, which in turn leads to an increase in business.