The New Era Of Brand Loyalty



  • What causes the ‘LOYALTY’ Shifting FACE?

Tech proliferation has made it possible for us to do whatever we want. We regularly communicate – in person and with our equipment. It enables us now to know ourselves better and participate in talks and events in new ways. Technology is a reflection of ourselves.

The changes of loyalty are motivated by conversation, relationships, purposeful engagement, increased knowledge of oneself, strength, a desire to move and to be excited.

We demand for ease of use, comfort and availability. To solve our problems or satisfy a need, goods and services are required however simple or complex, our needs can be. There are aspirations – we want to be seen and handled as individuals and to engage in personal interactions, which will make us feel comfortable.
THE NEW ABCD Fanboyism organizations will rethink how they create their brand trust and establish positive engagement with consumers in the AI era and a modern, empowered user. Technology has redeveloped the consumer landscape and built a new digital environment with technologically changed attitudes and behaviors.

The research uncovers the new Brand Loyalty ABCD that guides brands in their quest to build loyalty and more importantly – to build meaningful experiences with consumers:

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