Paid Social Advertising

Social media is one of the most important paid media channels for any brand of any size. We work across all and create best-in-class social media ads.

Paid Social Management

Paid Social advertising is the area of expertise with respect to all things paid ads on social media that allow in-depth targeting versus organic posts or boosted posts. As an agency, the team manages social ads on your behalf toward goals set by you such as ROAS (return on ad spent), Revenue and Sales (Orders).

Working with DIJ, you’ll have access to the entire team on a weekly basis where we’ll walk you through strategies, planning, ads performance and more through a set of dashboards.

Paid Social Ads

Without adverts fit for purpose there will be no magic that a paid social media manager can do. Your ad needs to resonate not only with your audience, in this case with the strategies we apply, but also with the timing, journey stage, and more.

The first step we do when working with brands is reviewing the tone-of-voice, messaging, positioning, competition benchmark, and potential buyer customer journey. From there we’ll build a set of ads that will take all stages into consideration.

A good advert is 90% of the challenge. A bad advert makes your challenge 200% harder.

Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads

Meta’s ad platform, Meta for Business, and its social media networks Facebook and Instagram are the biggest social media platforms in the world and for that reason a very important touchpoint for any marketing mix and advertising.

They are highly effective in results for brands of all sizes since they offer vast rich media formats with a unique set of targeting capabilities such as interests, life events, demographics, audiences and the more powerful custom audiences based on user intent and website usage, and lookalike audiences.

Snapchat Ads

Snapchat is a messaging app that connects people through a camera and chat. In the UK Snapchat has quite a meaningful audience both in terms of size and engagement that can drive outstanding results for brands.

Snap’s ad platform is on par with Meta’s in terms of sophistication and capabilities, providing the ability to sync product catalogues, build custom audiences and more. More often than not, we see better results in a ROAS perspective on this platform than any other.

Snapchat consumers are sensitive towards content and ads so you need to really a relevant creative snappy 10-sec portrait video!

Pinterest Ads

If we consider a simple purchase journey, between prospecting and conversion, Pinterest comes earlier in the discovery phase. Consumers actively use Pinterest to discover new ideas, new products, and more that they pin, or save, for later. And since it is powered by search, keywords, its targeting becomes highly relevant for any brand, especially in industries such as jewelry, footwear, fashion, holiday destinations, wedding planning, and more.

Like other platforms, a mix of formats and targeting is available such as video, dynamic catalogs, audiences, keywords, and others.

TikTok Ads

If broadcast TV was the king of mass media 10 years ago, and YouTube was the platform with the most viewership in the UK before 2020… TikTok is now the platform with the most content watched in 2022 and the de facto king of video.

Extremely powerful algorithms in terms of organic posting that can take a user or brand to the stratosphere, on the paid ads side of the platform are still in its infancy not sharing detailed targeting as its peers. Still, a highly relevant platform for brand building and awareness leveraged by video. And speaking of it, ads on this platform need to be well executed.

TikTok advertising can be a powerful tool for prospecting and top-of-funnel for any brand in any industry.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn advertising and its ad platform are unique since it allows a brand to target any single professional group as specific as a single company or niche role. For that reason, it is a compelling solution for businesses from a B2B perspective but it also has potential for consumer brands especially premium ones targeting HNWI (high net worth individuals).

The biggest use case is lead generation for B2B and also has a vast choice of ad formats depending on objectives, from messaging to video and more.

Twitter Ads

Millions of people use Twitter to learn what is happening around the globe and Twitter advertising can help you reach a meaningful and informed audience. Twitter ads come in the form of Promoted Ads (Promoted Tweets), Follower Ads and Trend Takeover.

Like its ad platform peers, Twitter advertising has a great set of targeting opportunities for brands being one of the most relevant ones in this space the association of a tweet with a hashtag so your brand can get right in the middle of a topic and conversation.

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