PPC or Pay per Click with Google Ads, Search 360, DV 360 and Bing Ads.

PPC Management

SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, is the most important channel for any brand as typically accounts for over 35% of revenues. And as the name suggests we’ll manage your pay-per-click account and campaigns on your behalf across Google Ads and Bing Ads. And best practices aside, since there are countless variables, good PPC Management is more about past experiences, attention to trends, competitor benchmarks and extensive keyword research. We have some great work and experience. Working with us, you’ll have access to the entire team on a weekly basis where we’ll walk you through strategies, planning, ads performance and more through a set of dashboards.

Google Search Ads

Search is the only digital marketing channel with high intent, meaning when one consumer really wants something more often than not they will go into Google Search and type it in (keywords). It will be just a matter of when, what exactly, for what price and how fast. With hundreds of possible combinations, getting your Search Ads right is in its own right rocket science. And when results are achieved, this can be a healthy sustainable driver of revenue for any brand. Or leads!

And not only with generic or longtail keywords, Search Ads can be extremely important for brand keywords, or in other words, for keywords containing your brand name such as “Digital Innovation Junction”.

Google Shopping Ads

Any e-commerce brand with products has to be on PLA or Product Listing Ads, or better yet Google Shopping Ads. This channel has proven to be remarkably reliable and sustainable for all verticals and since 2022 just got even better with Performance Max: the first truly cross-media ad format.

Typically with cheaper CPCs (cost-per-click) than its current counterpart, Search Ads, the benefit of Shopping is that it matches the consumer search query with the product image in an easy-to-use carousel of products with useful information like cost, shipping, discounts, and more. For a successful campaign, good shopping feed optimization is needed and details are key. At DIJ, we prefer manual optimization since we see many if not all platforms fall short. They are as good as the humans behind them.

Display Ads

The first-ever banner ad on the web was an advertisement for a US mobile phone carrier in 1994 and people went wild clicking it. Today is still relevant and better with extensive targeting capabilities such as specific placements, or websites, custom audiences, interests, topics, keywords, demographics and many others.

Display banner ads can be used for brand awareness but also for DR or Direct Response, or better yet, Conversion.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube video ads with no device targeting already get displayed more on Smart TVs than on mobile. Let that sink in for a minute. The era of digital tv and the “big” screen is here. More and more consumers use YouTube for all types of content and shows, and not just the young demographic.

And YouTube is not a video platform… it’s the second largest search engine after Google Search. And because it is powered with keywords, YouTube has extensive targeting capabilities that can uplift any brand of any size. The living room is a key moment, a touchpoint, for any brand. Like broadcast TV was for so many years.

PPC Audit

If you are new to Search Engine Marketing, commonly known as PPC, fantastic! Get in touch with us and we can show you how to start in a video call. But if you’re not new, the best place to start is by performing an audit of your account where we will review the overall account structure, tracking implementation, detailed campaign analysis, best practices followed and more.

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